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Current Budget and Trailer Bills

We keep an updated list of the current budget and trailer bills, completely free and available to everyone.

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Stay Informed With Automatic Emails

After you set up your tracking selections, you don't even need to login to your account to stay up-to-date. We send you email updates on budget changes that affect you, so you'll receive notices about new:

  • Budget Calendars
  • Budget Bill Text
  • Budget Documents

Pinpoint What's Important to You

We filter through all the budget information to find the areas you care about, saving you time. Set up your tracking selections based on:

  • Keyword
  • Organization Code -
    (who the money is going to)
  • Fund Code -
    (where the money is coming from)
  • Budget Item Number

One-Stop Shop for All Budget Information

We monitor and locate the important budget documents, bill text, agendas and other information from a variety of sources. Resources include:

  • Governor's Office
  • Senate / Assembly
  • Legislative Analyst's Office
  • Department of Finance
  • Treasurer's and Controller's Offices
  • and more...

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